The Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa (HSFSA) plays a leading role in the fight against preventable heart disease and stroke, with the aim of seeing fewer people in South Africa suffer premature deaths and disabilities. The HSFSA, established in 1980 is a non-governmental, non-profit organization which relies on external funding to sustain the work it carries out.

The HSFSA aims to reduce the cardiovascular disease (CVD) burden in South Africa and ultimately on the health care system of South Africa. Our mission is to empower people in South Africa to adopt healthy lifestyles, make healthy choices easier, seek appropriate care and encourage prevention.

We are a national body with branches limited to Cape Town (headquarters), Durban, and Port Elizabeth. As an exciting addition, we are extending our national footprint we will soon have a presence in Johannesburg. Our staff contingent is small with 14 permanent employees and 3 contract staff members.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa has 4 main workstreams: Nutrition Science, Business Management, Health Promotions, as well as Public Relations & Communications.

We are members of the following global bodies: