Promotion and Benefit

Our market research shows that 8 in 10 (or 77%) of consumers instantly recognise the Heart Mark logo, these consumers associate the logo with healthy eating and a sense of credibility. As consumers become more health conscious the need for healthier product options to be identified on-shelf is crucial to any brand competing for limited shelf space.

The key benefits to your business:

  • The use of the Heart Mark Logo in promotional activity and on product packaging
  • Demonstrate independent validation and verification of nutritional quality
  • Increase credibility and acceptance with retailers, consumers and regulators
  • Demonstrate compliance with the latest local and international dietary guidelines.
  • Distinguishes your product from competitors has the healthier option
  • Positions your brand as a responsible, consumer-centred player in the food industry
  • The opportunity to hold joint promotions with the HSFSA
  • Listing on an interactive search facility on our website which allows consumers and businesses to search for products and services of HM holder