All the activities carried out in the programmes and departments of the Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa to meet the Foundations vision and mission, is guided by scientific evidence based on previous and current research in the field of cardio-vascular conditions, which include heart disease and stroke. Given the importance of research at the Foundation, a Research Advisory Committee, Chaired by Prof F Essop of Stellenbosch University, was established. Internally the research agenda for best-practice methods for detection, prevention and care, and advocacy is driven by Prof P Naidoo, CEO of the HSFSA. An exciting development at the Foundation is the intention to develop a research grant call using ringed-fenced funds. An announcement will be made when the Grant call is launched so that external researchers involved in the social and biological aspects of heart disease and stroke can apply. The HSFSA also collects health risk assessment data which is very useful for surveillance and information dissemination through reliable and scientific platforms.